Saturday 22nd June 2019
Western Sydney Parklands, NSW


Course map and elevation profile coming soon..........

Elevation Gain/Loss: Approx 639m/-639m

Red track is private property and only accessible during the event

Elevation Gain/Loss: Approx 352m/-352m

Elevation Gain/Loss: 98m/-98m

There are three marshalled aid stations along the course. At the aid stations, runners will have access to the following:

  • First Aid
  • Unlimited quantities of water
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Selection of Fruit, ie bananas
  • Selection of lollies

NOTE: There will be no cups at the aid stations, so you will need to carry a water bottle or hydration pack (or similar) to refill.

Distances to Aid Stations

There are 6 Aid Stations on the 35km course, 4 Aid Stations on the 19km course and 2 Aid Stations on the 11km course. There are no aid stations on the 4km course.

35km Course

Details coming soon.....

19km Course

4.2km - Aid Station 1
8.8km - Aid Station 2
13.1km - Aid Station 2
15.9km - Aid Station 1

11km Course

4.2km - Aid Station 1
7.9km - Aid Station 1