Saturday 30th May 2020
Western Sydney Parklands, NSW
Entries Open:


Elevation Gain/Loss: 98m/-98m

Elevation Gain/Loss: Approx 352m/-352m

Elevation Gain/Loss: Approx 639m/-639m

Red track is private property and only accessible during the event

There are two marshalled aid stations along the course. At the aid stations, runners will have access to the following:

  • First Aid
  • Unlimited quantities of water
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Selection of Fruit, ie bananas
  • Selection of lollies

NOTE: There will be no cups at the aid stations, so you will need to carry a water bottle or hydration pack (or similar) to refill.

Distances to Aid Stations

There are 4 Aid Stations on the 19km course and 2 Aid Stations on the 11km course. There are no aid stations on the 4km course.

11km Course

4.2km - Aid Station 1
7.9km - Aid Station 1

19km Course

4.2km - Aid Station 1
8.6km - Aid Station 2
13.3km - Aid Station 2
15.9km - Aid Station 1