Run With Your Dog

Finally an event that allows you to run with your dog. Participants can run with their dog on the 4km, 11km, 19km & 38km courses.

All dogs will receive an official race number plate, have access to water and doggie treats at the Aid Stations on course and receive a finishers medal.

To run with your dog go to our ‘Entry’ page here, click ‘Enter Now’ and register yourself and add your dog in the merchandise items for $10.

Wave start
Runners with a dog will start 5 minutes after the normal wave start for each distance. This will allow you and your dog to enjoy the trails without congestion and make for a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone. For more information on the event day race schedule and what time the Dog Wave starts, click here.

Rules & Conditions

Dog Safety on course
It’s vital that all participants, both two and four legged have a safe and enjoyable experience at the event. To take part in the Western Sydney Parklands Run, all dogs must:

  • be fully vaccinated and registered to run, click here to register.
  • have had a flea, worming and tick treatment based on the recommendations of the product used,
  • be on a leash at all times,
  • be reasonably fit and exercised regularly in the lead up to the event,
  • be socialised and non-aggressive to people and other dogs,
  • be wearing a collar with an identification tag, and
  • not be in season.

What do I take with me out on the course if running with a dog?

All runners with dogs need to clean up after their dog, so ensure that you carry poop bags with you at all times.  There will be rubbish bins at each Aid Station for you to dispose of this waste.  Aid stations will also be positioned around the course where runners and their dogs can fill up with water and snacks along the trail. There will be no cups at the aid stations so you MUST take a bottle or other drinking container with you for you. Please note that the trails in the Western Sydney Parklands will not be closed for the event, so runners with dogs need to be careful when overtaking each other and be courteous to other track users. There is no other mandatory gear requirements.